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With a history dating back over 60 years, British made Oxford welding machines are internationally renowned as one of the best in the industry. Oxford machines are used & trusted in over 100 countries around the world. They are known for simple rugged build, high reliability with a very long life span & excellent welding performance. In the last few years we have put in considerable resources to develop our product range to incorporate some of the very latest technology & materials without losing the no nonsense old fashioned engineering approach that Oxford products are renowned for.
To us solid build & rugged reliability & long lifespan is just as important as welding performance!
By designing our machines to be very electrically efficient we achieve performance levels much higher than other machines on the market, for example 400A + MIG welding on 230V single phase, Plasma cutting up to 36mm steel on 230V single phase, etc.

Our OXFORD range now extends to around 50 different models & includes MIG, TIG, PLASMA, PULSE MIG & multi-process machines with ARC (MMA) MIG & TIG functions.
Despite the ever increasing amount of low cost cheap imports available, our sales continue to grow year on year & we now have a good share of the UK market with additional export business.
All our machines are 100% designed & made in the UK which we think counts for a lot in todays uncertain times.

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Quick guide to our range

MIGMAKER MIG range 180A-330A in 230V single phase, 270-330A in three phase, no nonsense compact MIG machines, 1000's in use today.

I-MIG MIG range 330A-470A in 400V three phase & up to 410A on single phase 230V, popular heavy duty compact MIG with 4 roll drive.

S-MIG range 270A-470A in 400V three phase & up to 410A on single phase 230V, no nonsense rugged reliable separate wire feed MIG range.

CUTMAKER PLASMA, up to 36mm cutting on 230V single phase & three phase + Thermal heating + Thermal gouging....UNBEATABLE!

MULTI-ARC PORTABLE multi-process, ARC welding + MIG welding + TIG welding all from one machine, up to 320A & dual voltage, superior welding performance, take anywhere weld anything!     
MULTI-ARC COMPACT multi-process, ARC welding + MIG welding + TIG welding all from one workshop machine, up to 410A on 230V up to 470A on three phase. Superior welding performance & the lowest power consumption possible.

PULSE MIG I-MIG DP & S-MIG DP, pulse MIG + double pulse + standard MIG + ARC welding, 270A - 410A in compact & separate wire feed dual voltage 230V & 400V. Superior welding of all materials with additional benefits for aluminium alloys & stainless steel, spatter free pulse welding!

TIGMAKER DC, DC TIG models 200A-300A in dual voltage 230/400V or 110/230V, superb welding performance on both TIG & MMA (ARC) & very low power consumption.

TIGMAKER AC DC, models 220A-330A in dual voltage 230/400V, absolutly unbeatable TIG welding performance on all materials & very low power consumption.

  • Every machine we make at OXFORD welders comes with the following unbeatable long term back up.
  • Every model has a copper wound main transformer with 5 Year warranty (the heart of the machine).
  • 2 Year warranty on all other items except consumable/wear parts & torches.
  • 20 year guarentee of parts & service availability.
  • Every machine we make at OXFORD welders is built in compliance with the following standards;
  • BS EN60974-1, BS EN 60974-10, RoHS, weee, & all are CE marked

Further reading - Things to consider before purchasing any type of welding or plasma cutting machine.
With so many machines on the market today its very difficult to make the right choice when buying a new machine.
If you are considering a MIG welder then the choice is often between a transformer based workshop machine on wheels or a portable inverter. For workshop use a good European made transformer based basic MIG machine with simple switches to control the output power is the sensible choice for many applications. (Commonly referred to as step voltage or transformer type machines). They are generally cost effective, reliable, perform well, have a long life span. Also a good quality basic MIG machine is electrically efficient in design so power consumption is about as low as it can go. Have a look at our single phase & three phase standard MIG range, Oxford MIGMaker, Oxford I-MIG, Oxford S-MIG. These models are really electrically efficient which means we can give you more output power for lower input. There are also many other quality made European & USA made machines you can consider, however we recomend avoiding the low cost imports, despite giving the impression of being made in the EU etc mostly the low cost machines are now made in the Far East, even some a the big names have gear made in Asia, they often weld quite badly & are not built to last.
If you need a MIG welder with portability is the number one priority then we suggest consider a quality EU or USA made inverter machine. But beware, as many users know inverter based machines are not particuarly reliable or have a long life, (more on this subject to follow). Our OXFORD MULTI-ARC portable range make a very sensible alternative to the inverter, they offer superior welding performance on MIG & other processes, similar to the best EU or USA inverter but without the reliability issues of an inverter. These are maybe not quite as portable as a small inverter but otherwise are a better choice.
If you are considering a TIG machine, ARC welder, multi-process machine or plasma cutter its not so stright forward. 25+ years ago almost every type of these was transformer based which means many are still around working today! Transformer based machines are usually rugged, reliable units built to last, & are great when designed for CV (MIG) applications but transformer based TIG & PLASMA machines have limited welding & cutting performance, also as these are all 'constant current' (CC) types, efficiencies & power factors are low, so power consumption is high. They also tend to be large heavy machines. Today in 2017 there are not many machines on the market built the old way. The development of inverter based machines over the last 25 years has had the largest impact in the TIG, PLASMA & STICK (ARC) machine market. Inverters solve the issues of the older type machines, performance is superior, power consumption is low & size & weight very low. However virtually everyone in the industry knows reliability & lifespan can be poor, even the best German made inverters often go bang! This means there is still a demand for the older transformer type machines, particuarly for low usage applications where power consumption is not an issue or for use in damp & dirty workshops where reliability is number one concern. However, OXFORD WELDERS now have a much better solution & no compromise!

Here at OXFORD WELDERS we have taken a totally different approach to things. We dont ever want to make unreliable machines with a short life! So we dont make inverters. We have developed our own unique solution, OXFORD HYBRID technology. (Transformer chopper technology). This technology is not totally new & some of the largest American manufacturers use similar designs in their most industrial machines. We think we are the first manufacturer to use this for medium sized machines. By working with Mitsubishi products we have achieved performance levels unthinkable a few years ago. If you look at the performance specs of our machines you will see why our products sell well & get great reviews. Our HYBRID machines give you the best possible welding performance, very low power consumption & importantly superb long term reliability & lifespan.

Inverter machines vs OXFORD HYBRID technology.
Today inverter based machines are a popular choice due to good portability, reasonable pricing, good welding performance & low power consumption. However more & more customers are aware of the short lifespan of inverter machines. If you take any inverter welding machine on the market today you may get a few years lifespan if they are used in ideal conditions. In practice welding is never done in ideal conditions, this is one reason why inverter based machines often fail catastrophically within the first few years & sometimes within weeks or months, particuarly the low cost imports. The problem with inverter based machines is that the electronics have to be very complex with 1000's of parts fitted & multiple PCB's. The power electronics have to work at the mains input voltage which is in excess of 630V on a three phase machine & in excess of 340V for single phase with peak voltages often in excess of 800V. This is not an easy task for any electronic mosfet or IGBT & in most machines there are multiple IGBT's or mosfets all working together. Then when you add real welding conditions such as damp & dust, voltage fluctuations & spikes it just becomes a matter of time before a failure occurs. Some of the quality US & EU manufacturers have tried to address this by designing machines with separate compartments or wind tunnels to keep critical componants away from dust & damp etc. This has improved reliability in some cases, however by nature all inverter based machines are fairly fragile. Furthermore inverters are increasingly using complex microprocessors, computers are fine on a desk but in a dirty welding machine? More problems! However inverters do you have a place, if you need a machine where portability is the number one priority then consider a quality EU or US made inverter but keep it simple, more complex functions often means more to go wrong!
OXFORD HYBRID chopper machines such as the MULTI-ARC models, CUTMAKER PLASMA, TIGMAKER & PULSE MIG models (I-MIG DP & S-MIG DP) offer a really sensible alternative to the inverter. They are still built around a rugged copper wound transformer but the hybrid chopper technology used in these works to give you superior welding performance, the lowest power consumption & the very high efficiency means the transformer is around half the size & weight of an older type machine. The electronics are simple & operate at the welding voltage level i.e. under 80V, there is only one PCB fitted & no microprocessor to cause software faults. So to sum up you get all the performance benefits of a good inverter but reliability is superb & you can expect a really long life span, equivalent to old type transformer machines, many times that of any inverter!

So whats the drawback of OXFORD HYBRID technology? These are a quality British made product so they may be a little more expensive than a cheap imported machine, but are more reasonably priced than other quality offerings from Europe or the US. The other thing to consider is portability; our OXFORD models are maybe not quite as portable as a very small inverter, but are much more portable than an old type machine. From a size & weight point they sit midway between old school machines & the smallest inverter. So the only slight compromise is an increase in weight over a small inverter. Unless portability is number one priority then our OXFORD machines are the wise choice for a quality high performance machine that will keep welding year after year.

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